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p.mich.1.72 = HGV P.Mich. 1 72 = Trismegistos 1971 = michigan.apis.1802

DDbDP transcription: p.mich.1.72 [xml]

IIIsac Philadelphia

Αἴγυπτος Ζήνωνι
χαίρειν. καλῶς ἂν ποι-
ήσαις, εἰ εὔκαιρόν σοί ἐσ-
τιν, ἀποστείλας μοι
5κίκιος χ(όας) γ καὶ ἀλά-
βητας δέκα καὶ θρισ-
σαι(*) ἐάν τινες ὑπάρχω-
σιν πρόσφατοι παρὰ σοί,
9,ms  ̣  ̣  ̣  ̣
καὶ σινάπιος ἡμιαρτάβιον
10καὶ τῶν σκόρδων τῶν
μεγάλων, ὅπως̣ καὶ Ἀρτε-
μιδώρωι ἀποστε̣ίλω\μεν·/ ἱκα-
νῶς γὰρ ἐγγεγέλασαι. καὶ
τῆς πίσσης τοὺς δέκα με-
15τρητὰς καλῶς ποήσεις(*)
κομισάμενος παρὰ Διοτίμου.
ταῦτα δέ, ἐὰν ἀποστέλληις,
πέμψον εἰς Πτολεμαίδα ἤδη·
εἰ δὲ μή, μάτην ἀπ[οσ]τελεῖς ἐὰν
20χρονίση. μὴ οὖν ἄλλω[ς] ποιήσηις.
ἀπόστειλον δέ μοι πάντ̣[ω]ς σινδόνας β
καὶ προσκεφάλαια δ. ἔρρ[ω]σο.
(ἔτους(?))   ̣  ̣ Π̣α̣  ̣[ -ca.?- ] Αἴγυπτ̣[ο]ς̣. Ζήνωνι.


^ r.6-7. l. θρίσ|σας
^ r.15. l. ποιήσεις

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APIS Translation (English)

(Recto);;Aigyptos to Zenon greeting. Will you kindly send me, if it is convenient to you, three choes of castor oil, ten alabetes, also some thrissai if you have any freshly caught, half an artab of mustard and some of the large garlic, in order that we may send some to Artemidoros also; for you have been abundantly derided about it. And kindly take delivery of the ten metretai of pitch from Diotimos. If you are sending the aforesaid things, dispatch them at once to Ptolemais; otherwise, it will be useless to send them if they are long in coming. So do as I ask you. And send me at all events two linen garments and four pillows. Farewell.;;(Verso);;To Zenon.;(Docket) Year 35(?), . . . . Aigyptos.