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p.coll.youtie.1.17 = HGV P.Coll. Youtie 1 17 = Trismegistos 5042 = michigan.apis.1921

DDbDP transcription: p.coll.youtie.1.17 [xml]

c37BC ?

Διογένης ⟦Διογένης⟧
Διονυσίῳ χαί(ρειν)· καλῶς
ποιήσεις περὶ οὗ σε
ἠξίωσα ἐν τῆι
5Θεογενου(*) περὶ τῶν
δύο πορήων(*), ὧν
ὀνηλάτης Πᾶ̣σ̣ις, γρά-
ψαι Ὀρσενούφει ἵνα
  ̣η̣  ̣ρης  ̣  ̣ εἰς τὸν
10στέφανον. δὸς δὲ
τὸ ἐπιστόλιον αὐτῷ
τῷ ὀνηλάτηι ἵνα
ἀποδοι(*) τῷ Ὀρσενούφει,
[καὶ] μὴ ἐν παρέργῳ.
15[το]ῦτο δὲ ποιήσας
[ἔ]σηι πλή̣ρω̣[ς] κεχαρισ-
ἔρρωσο (ἔτους) ιε Παχὼ(ν) κβ
(hand 2)   ̣  ̣ς Διογένο(υς)
  ̣  ̣γ̣ε̣  ̣  ̣  ̣  ̣( )


^ r.5. l. Θεογένους
^ r.6. l. πορείων
^ r.13. l. ἀποδῶι

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APIS Translation (English)

"Diogenes to Dionysios, greeting.; In regard to the matter which I asked you about in the town of Theogenes concerning the two pack-animals for which Pasis is the driver, please write to Orsenouphis so that he may make the payment for the stephanos. Give the letter to this donkey driver so that he may deliver it to Orsenouophis and with dispatch. If you do this, you will be totally obliging.; Farewell. Year 15, Pachon 22."